As Tezcanlar Glass owned by our company, we respect your privacy rights and endeavor to ensure this during the time you spend on our website. Explanations regarding the security of your personal information are explained below and presented to your information.


Registration Files

As used in many websites, log files are kept on our company's website for analysis purposes. These files; It contains standard data such as your IP address, your internet service provider, the features of your browser, your operating system, and your entry and exit pages to the site. The recorded data is strictly not used for any purpose other than analysis and does not violate your privacy. The recorded data are not associated with your personal information.


Use of Cookies

Cookies / Cookies are small text files that websites leave to your computer. Cookies are used in some parts of our website to provide a user-friendly experience. In addition, cookies may be used to collect advertising data from platforms such as analysis, search engine and social media ads on the site. This is done entirely with your permission, and it is possible to prevent this by changing the settings of your internet browser at your request.


External Links

It may link from the pages of our website to different websites. It is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of the sites linked or promoted through our website. The said linking process is legally considered as "referencing".


Third Party Software

Our website can use various services for purposes such as statistics keeping and user targeting. Our website is not responsible for the privacy policies of these services.



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