Frosted Glass is one side patterned decorative glass of Flat Glass.


  • Frosted glasses produced for an aesthetic interior design reveal the elegance of living spaces.
  • It enables new ideas and creative designs to come to life.
  • It gives a feeling of light and spaciousness with its natural and transparent texture, especially in narrow areas where light is difficult to reach.
  • It offers innovative solutions in interior and exterior designs of designers and architects.
  • It allows light and privacy to be experienced at the same time.
  • It offers different levels of display control to suit your needs in each pattern, design or project.
  • It can be used as tempered where safety is required.
  • It gains different visual features by applying a mirror on its patterned surfaces.


Thickness Color Plate Size
0.5 cm Metal 20 mm
1 cm Metal 25 mm
3 cm Metal 30 mm
5 cm Metal 35 mm
4 cm Metal 45 mm